New Foals video “Spanish Sahara”

Antidotes, the 2008 debut album from Foals, hinted at good things to come. And it looks like the Oxford band is primed to exceed any lofty expectations if “Spanish Sahara,” the first single off their follow-up album, is a good indication of what we can expect from Total Life Forever.

The song starts out spare and quiet, little more than a whisper. Slowly, torpidly the instrumentation builds: a modest guitar strum, a rising drum beat, a slight keyboard arrangement. It all builds into a crescendo before breaking out, cresting into a driving melody that leads back into the refrain: “I’m the ghost in the back of your head.”

The video, equally sparse and beautiful, boasts gorgeous cinematography and hypnotic visuals of expansive tundra and rolling waves of choppy broken ice. It’s a perfect accompaniment to the song, and without a doubt the best music video of the year thus far. Check it out.

Total Life Forever is out May 10th on Sub Pop.


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